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Dr. Hong’s program, the Individualized Body-Mind Therapy (iBMT), is a combination of the following alternative therapies. The integrative approach ensures that each patient receives synergetic effect from all modalities as well as individualized treatment plan.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is the most complete medical theory alternative to Western allopathic medicine. It includes a variety of therapies such as Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. The yin-yang balance approach is the core of our program. All other modalities listed below are used in the program to reach the same goal, energetic balance of the meridians.

Modern Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a three-hundred-year-old European healing system treating diseases with highly diluted (potentized) herbs, mineral and other chemicals. Modern homeopathic remedies are used frequently in our program in a form of formula to improve drainage system, detoxify and regenerate organs and tissues.

Electrodermal Meridian Testing

Electrodermal screening is a computerized skin conductivity testing. It detects skin conductivity changes on acupuncture points to identify the energetic balance and blockage of the body. It also helps the practitioner to choose the right remedies to balance the meridians and identify possible sensitivities that stress the body.

Immune System Reprogramming

Immune system reprogramming (ISR) is a back-tapping procedure developed from acupressure and homeopathy to help the body reprogram immune functions, unblock metabolic and detox pathways and desensitize sensitivities as well. A home treatment kit is available for each patient to achieve faster result and reduce revisit frequency.

Detoxification Program

Many chronic inflammatory diseases are results of accumulation of toxins in the body. Detoxification program helps the body remove toxic substances or qualities. The therapies include all modalities with herbs, homeopathics and nutritional supplement to improve liver detox function, open detox pathways such as intestines and urinary system and remove pathogens from the body. Detoxification program follows certain rules to smooth the detoxification process and prevent adverse response from happening. (Read more...)

Adrenal Program

Adrenal fatigue syndrome is a common chronic illness that causes low energy and sleeping disturbance. It also affects metabolism, hormonal and neurotransmitter balances and causes sensitivity and chronic inflammation. Adrenal program, including a group of therapies such as Chinese herbs, homeopathy, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes, helps people with adrenal fatigue syndrome recover from this long-term chronic illness.

Energetic Emotional Therapy

Energetic emotional therapies help psychological issues with energetic approach. Emotional problem is an energetic issue and can be treated with energetic approach. Emotions can be associated with specific meridians in the theory of Chinese medicine. The common modalities used here include Chinese herbs, Bach flower essences and Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT). (Read more...)

Natural Hormone Rebalancing

Treating hormone imbalance naturally is one of the major goals in our practice. We will do everything we can to balance hormones without using any types of hormonal replacement. Chinese herbs, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes can be all used. (Read more...)

Amino Acid Therapy and Neurotransmitter Balance

Many psychological and neurological diseases are caused by neurotransmitter imbalance. Amino acids are building blocks of many neurotransmitters. Digestion and absorption of amino acids as well as intestinal health play a major role in neurotransmitter balance. Amino acid supplementation is often used.